From Syllogism to Commonsense: A Tour through the Logical Landscape (WS 2011-12)


Dr. Mehul Bhatt, Dr. Oliver Kutz, Dr. Thomas Schneider
Diplom, MSc, and PhD students in computer science, mathematics, philosophy and related subjects
V2Ü1 – 90min lecture, break, 45min tutorial
Time and place
Thu 16:00–18:00 and 18:00–19:00 MZH 1110 (exceptions: 3rd and 17th Nov in MZH 3150)


This course will give an overview of different non-classical logics and relate them with classical logics. Tentative list of topics (subject to change):

We will discuss intuitions and important theoretical aspects, and will demonstrate tools where they exist. Every lecture will be accompanied by exercises, to be discussed in the following week. There is no prerequisite for taking this course.


To be given as the course advances