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WS 2011/2012

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Winter Semester 2011 / 2012

Graduate Seminar Cognitive Systems - WS 2011/2012

Course 03-711.91

Graduate Seminar Cognitive Systems
S 2 SWS bi-weekly Wed. 14:00 - 17:00 CARTESIUM Rotunde
Freksa, Christian; Barkowsky, Thomas; Dietrich Wolter

Experimental Cognitive Robotics. ExpCog (WS 2011-12)


Experimental Cognitive Robotics (ExpCog)

Modul: Spezielle Themen der Kognitiven Systeme. (ECTS: 4)
2 SWS Mi von 16:00 - 18:00 CART Besprechungsraum (0.01)



Dr. Mehul Bhatt, and Dr. Frank Dylla


From Syllogism to Commonsense: A Tour through the Logical Landscape (WS 2011-12)


Dr. Mehul Bhatt, Dr. Oliver Kutz, Dr. Thomas Schneider
Diplom, MSc, and PhD students in computer science, mathematics, philosophy and related subjects
V2Ü1 – 90min lecture, break, 45min tutorial
Time and place

Start your Engines ... High-level Agent Control (WS 2011/12)

About: development of intelligent control systems (for a racing simulation)

Where & When:

  • Preparation date 1: 10.01.2012, 4pm, Cartesium room 0.01 (approx. 1h)
  • Preparation date 2: 26.01.2012, 4pm, Cartesium room 0.01 (approx. 1h)
  • 2-Week block course: 05.-16.03.2012 (9:00 - 21:00)

Credit Points: 6 ECTS

Audience: Bachelor (Masters: General Studies) 

Maximum participants: 30 (Minimum participants: 10)

Spatial Interaction Laboratory Project

The project will develop the basis for a 'Spatial Interaction Laboratory'. It is intended to use the touch screen computers installed in the Cartesium building to provide functionality for general usage like door plates. Furthermore, the possibility to easily introduce systems to research interaction in spatially separated environments has to be created. This requires availability of and access to a spatial representation of the included parts of the building.