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Jasper van de Ven

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Personal Information

Title Dr.-Ing.
Function Postdoctoral Researcher
Office 3.55
Phone 64291
Fax 98-64291
eMail jasper.vandeven


About me

I am a researcher of the Bremen Spatial Cognition Center and Cognitive Systems group at the University of Bremen. I am fascinated by ambient intelligence and spatially distributed smart environments. My research aims at developing novel representations and reasoning methods to dynamically connect distinct spaces for communication applications. I am also interested in the concepts and implementation of privacy in this context and in technological systems and applications in general.

  • ICTD
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Privacy in ICT
  • Smart Environments
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Qualitative Information Representation Reasoning and Planning
Ph.D. Project

My research focuses on methods to apply ambient intelligence (AmI) and qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning (QSTR) to address the spatial gap in distributed work groups in order to enable spontaneous communication. Furthermore, this contains the problem of privacy in the context of ambient intelligence as privacy is regarded as one of the key acceptance factors for ambient intelligence. Thus, the aim of this thesis is twofold: the creation of an ambient intelligence proving the ability to support of spontaneous encounters and communication in a spatially distributed work setting and an adequate method to ensure privacy in this kind of system in order to increase its acceptance.

Research Projects
  • Projekt Me4D (WiSe 2016/17 - SoSe 2017)
  • Projekt SILXplorer (WiSe 2015/16 - SoSe 2016)
  • WiSe 2013/14 - PI3-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2012/13 - TI2-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2011/12 - Start Your Engines -- High level agent control
  • Projekt SPATIAL (WiSe 2010/11 - SoSe 2012)
  • SoSe 2010 - TI1-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2009/10 - PI3-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2008/09 - ITSec1-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2007/08 - TI2-Tutorium
  • SoSe 2007 - PI2-Tutorium
  • WiSe 2006/07 - TI2-Tutorium

Advised theses:

  • Kai Zimmermann: Dezentrales Raumbuchungssytem fuer Smart Offices am Beispiel von SIL (Bachelor Thesis; Reviewers: Dr. van de Ven, Prof. Schneider; 2017)
  • Chris Schroeder: Simulation einer middleware-basierten raeumlich verteilten Umgebung zur Unterstuetzung von Prototyping (Bachelor Thesis; Reviewers: Dr. van de Ven, Prof. Schneider; 2016)
  • Manuel Pache: Framework fuer die Entwicklung von Applikationen fuer Ambient Intelligence am Beispiel des Spatial Interaction Laboratory (Bachelor Thesis; Reviewers: Dr. van de Ven, Prof. Peleska; 2016)


  • Patrick Glaser: Autonomous build of abstract map with a Turtlebot (Master Thesis; Reviewers: Prof. Freksa, Prof. Takahashi; Advisor: Dr. van de Ven; 2017)
  • Andreas Burghardt: Entwicklung einer verteilten Videokommunikationsloesung - Ein Videokonferenz-Plugin fuer SIL (Bachelor Thesis; Reviewers: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Bormann; Advisor: van de Ven; 2016)
  • Malte Schaafberg: Granular Reasoning with Qualitative Relative Orientation Information (Diploma Thesis; Reviewer: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Freksa; Advisor: van de Ven; 2016)
  • Dirk Evers: Erkennung raeumlicher Konfiguration eines Smart Doorplate Systems (Diploma Thesis; Reviewers: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Freksa ;Advisor: van de Ven; 2015)
  • Fabian Gumz: Spielen in intelligenten Umgebungen - Eine Untersuchung des Einflusses der Diskrepanz zwischen echter und virtueller Realitaet (Diploma Thesis; Reviewer: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Malaka; Advisor: van de Ven; 2014)
  • Markus Dambek: Almost Nearest Neighbour - Ein anytime-basierter und KI-inspirierter Ansatz (Diploma Thesis; Reviewer: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Frese; Advisor: van de Ven; 2013)
  • Sascha M. Schrader: Multi P-N Learning Tracker (Diploma Thesis; Reviewer: Dr. Dylla, Prof. Frese; Advisor: van de Ven; 2013)


curriculum vitae
2009 -- today researcher and teaching assistant, University of Bremen (Cognitive Systems Group/Bremen Spatial Cognition Center)
2012 -- 2016 doctoral student, University of Bremen (Cognitive Systems Group/Bremen Spatial Cognition Center)
thesis title: Supporting Communication in Spatially Distributed Groups -- Privacy as a Service for Ambient Intelligence
2004 -- 2009

student of computer science (informatics) at the University of Bremen
thesis title: Synchronization and Offline Availability in Collaborative Web Applications


(If you are interested in are more detailed version of my CV, please send me an email.)