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Ahmed Loai Ali

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Personal Information

Function Doctoral Student
Office 3.01
Phone 64283
eMail loai


About me

I am a Ph.D Student in the Cognitive System Research group. I have a Scholarship from Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). The Scholarship called German-Egyptian Long-Term Scholarship (GERLS) offered according to cooperation between DAAD and Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. I am highly interested in Information Systems in general and exactly Geographical Information System (GIS). I have graduated from Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University, Egypt, 2005. Afterwards, I have been hired as a teaching staff at the University, resumed my postgraduate studies and obtained M.Sc. of Computer Science from Cairo University, Egypt at 2010. Currently I am interested in my research topic about Volunteered Geographical Information (VGI) as a new crowdsourcing paradigm of geographical data. It is a rich source of spatial data and information, but unfortunately with problematic quality. In my research, I am concerning with the VGI quality from the classification perspectives. I am trying to apply some machine learning methodologies to manage, improve and assess the quality. 


DAAD GERLS Scholarship: For doing my Ph.D. during the period from October 2012 up to October 2016.

COST Grant: For contribution at "The Vespucci Initiative", a summer school about VGI and Citizen Science at Fiesole, Florence, Italy.

Impulse Grant: University of Bremen: for participation at  "GIScience 2014" conference, Vienna, Austria.


  • Database Management System.
  • Geographical Information System.
  • Artificial Intelligent.
  • Data Quality and Evaluation.
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Spatial Decision Support System.
  • File Structure.
  • Networking and Communication (a little bit)
  • At Assuit University, Egypt: I am occupied the Position of Teaching assistant in Information System department (October 2005- April 2012). During these years, I was responsible for the follows:
  • Supervision students in numerous graduation projects in different areas covering:
    • Social networking (web and mobile)
    • GIS (desktop and web applications)
    • E-Commerce web applications (EC)
    • Management Information Systems different applications. (MIS)
curriculum vitae

Ph.D, Student, Hosted by Cognitive Systems research Group (CoSy), University of Bremen, Germany [April 2013-Present]

M.Sc. of Information Systems: From Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, Egypt, [January 2008, November 2010].

B.Sc. of Computer and information science: From Faculty of Computers and Information, Assuit University, Egypt [September 2001, May 2005]