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Research Areas

The Cognitive Systems Research Group at Universit├Ąt Bremen investigates issues of knowledge representation, reasoning, and communication from an interdisciplinary cognitive science research perspective. The focus of the research is in the area of spatial cognition. The scope of the research spans theoretical work in knowledge representation and formal reasoning, the development and implementation of spatio-temporal cognitive models in virtual and real environments, and empirical studies in the interaction of human and artificial cognitive agents. Topics of particular interest are:

  • the conceptualization of spatio-temporal relations in terms of qualitative representations
  • the processing of imprecise, incomplete, fuzzy, uncertain, and conflicting knowledge
  • the abstraction in analogical spatial representations in terms of schematization
  • the transformation and transition between various levels of granularity
  • the integration of information from various knowledge sources
  • the interaction between mental and external spatial representations
  • the generation and interpretation of knowledge by exploitation of context information