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Graduate Seminar Cognitive Systems - WS 2013/2014

Course 03-711.91
Christian Freksa, Thomas Barkowsky (coordinated by Carl Schultz)

Winter 2013/14
Wednesdays 14:00 - 17:15 (approximately bi-weekly)
Cartesium 3rd floor meeting room



The Graduate Seminar programme provides PhD students with the opportunity to communicate their ideas and work with the group and to receive constructive feedback, support, and advice. For the preparation of the session the candidates will distribute a research paper one or two weeks in advance to the seminar participants. Additionally, the student will nominate two reviewers who will provide more focused and detailed feedback. In the seminar session, the most important aspects of the paper are summarized by the author to initiate an in-depth discussion of the work in progress.


This semester's graduate seminar is coordinated by Carl Schultz. Please contact Carl if there are any enquires about the programme or scheduling.


Students will nominate two reviewers approximately two weeks in advance, and will send their material to the reviewers one week in advance. The seminar schedule is given below.


Date Contributor Reviewers
23 October 2013

Jan Frederik Sima

Rasmus Wienemann

Carl Schultz and Holger Schultheis

Frank Dylla and Jae Hee Lee

20 November 2013

Jasper van de Ven

Arne Kreutzmann

Zoe Falomir Llansola and Jae Hee Lee


4 December 2013

Ahmed Loai Ali


Giorgio de Felice and Thomas Barkowsky


18 December 2013

Chunyuan Cai


(to be decided)
8 January 2013

Jae Hee Lee

Jakob Suchan

Holger Schultheis


22 January 2014

Rami Al Salman

Sandra H. Budde

Carl Schultz and Giorgio de Felice

Jae Hee Lee and Lutz Frommberger

29 January 2014

Immo Colonius

Ana-Maria Olteteanu

Frank Dylla and Mehul Bhatt

Carl Schultz and Thomas Barkowsky