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Jan Oliver Wallgrün

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This page is not maintained anymore as I have moved to Penn State University. Please go to

to see my current homepage.





Spatial representation and reasoning Spatial data integration Spatial matching Qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning Geographic information systems Abstract spatial representations for mobile robots Cognitive robotics Spatial cognition

Research Projects

DFG SPP Spatial Cognition: project Spatial Inference DFG SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition: project R3 - Reasoning about Paths, Shapes and Configurations DFG IRTG GRK 1498 Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information

Previous & Current Work

Building a spatial inference engine (SparQ) My doctoral thesis about "Hierarchical Route Graph Representations for mobile Robots Based on Generalized Voronoi Graphs" Voronoi-based mapping for mobile robots Hierarchical route graph representations for mobile robots Combining FastSLAM techniques and topological mapping


WiSe 2002/03: Tutorium zu Praktischer Informatik 1 SoSe 2003: Projekt mapsNrobots WiSe 2003/04: Projekt mapsNrobots SoSe 2004: Projekt mapsNrobots WiSe 2004/05: Tutorium zu Praktischer Informatik 1 SoSe 2005: Tutorium zu Praktischer Informatik 2 WiSe 2005/06: Tutorium zu Praktischer Informatik 1 SoSe 2006: Tutorium zu Praktischer Informatik 2 WiSe 2006/07: Seminar Spatial Cognition