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Sandra H. Budde

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Personal Information

Function Doctoral Student
Office 4.15
Phone 64295
eMail sandrab


About me

I am a doctoral researcher and work for the project AFFECT & PVS within the Cognitive Systems Research group in close cooperation with the group of Cognitive Neuroinformatics.

My work focuses on measuring affective physiological responses of people suffering from persistent vegetative state (PVS). With respect to this, I am especially interested the timing of physiological responses like heart rate and skin conductance in contrast to pure vegetative reflexes.

In my Ph.D. thesis I apply my findings about affective physiological responses for monitoring affect in a problem solving task.


affect detection, physiological responses (heart rate & skin conductance) of human affect, sequential problem solving

Ph.D. Project

AFFECT & MASTERMIND: I investigate whether or not affective physiological responses are characteristics of human problem solving performance. During my research I use a Mastermind game setting to monitor human problem solving behavior.

Research Projects

since 2010 SFB/TR 8 project R1-[ImageSpace]
2007-2009 EU STREP SHARE-it

Previous & Current Work

Jan 2010 - May 2012  R1, AFFECT & Mastermind (Ph.D. project)
Jan 2007 - Dec 2009 SHARE-it (EU-funded project)


Cognitive Systems (SoSe 2011)
Technische Informatik 2 (WiSe 2010/11)
Praktische Informatik 2 (SoSe 2010)

Events Organized

Aspekte der Technikgestaltung für ältere Menschen (Symposium on KogWis 2008)

curriculum vitae

since Jan 2007 Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Bremen
Dec 2006 Diploma in Computer Science, University of Bremen