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Jakob Suchan

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Function Doctoral Student
Office 3.01
Phone 60257
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About me

I am a doctoral candidate in the Cognitive Systems Group at the University of Bremen. My doctoral research is on activity recognition and interpretation in smart environments. Broadly, the research investigates how qualitative spatial and temporal abstractions and commonsense reasoning can be useful to understand ongoing processes in the environment and dynamically control assisstive systems accordingly. To this end we develop an activity theoretic model grounded in spatial interactions combining logical inference and learning to generate narratives of human activities. The resulting model of activity narratives is used for decision making in the particular control tasks.


Spatial and Temporal Abstractions for Activity Recognition and Interpretation
Commonsense Reasoning about Space, Action, and Change
High-Level Decisions Making for Dynamic (Spatial) Control

  • Summer 2015: seminar "Cognitive Computing" 
  • Summer 2015: block-course "Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems"
  • Winter 2014/2015: bachelor project "AUGMENT - eye tracking, vision, virtual reality"