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Graduate Seminar Cognitive Systems - SS 2011

Course 03-711.91

Graduate Seminar Cognitive Systems
S 2 SWS bi-weekly Wed. 14:00 - 17:00 CARTESIUM Rotunde
Freksa, Christian; Barkowsky, Thomas

Ph.D. and master/diploma students discuss their current research. For the preparation of the session the candidates distribute a research paper one or two weeks ahead of time to the seminar participants. In the seminar session, the most important aspects of the paper are summarized by the author to initiate an in-depth discussion of the work in progress.




Date Contributer
13.04.2011 post doc presentation
27.04.2011 -- semester break --
11.05.2011 dissertation presentation
25.05.2011 Paolo, Giorgio
08.06.2011 Immo, Arne
13.07.2011 Jae, Jasper












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