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Paolo Fogliaroni

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Personal Information

Function Doctoral Student
Office 3.01
Phone 64199
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About me

I am a doctoral student in the IRTG-SIGI (International Research Training
Group - Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information) and a member of the CoSy
(Cognitive Systems) group within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
at the University of Bremen, Germany. I am fascinated by the comprehension of
mental processes underlying human behavior in everyday tasks, with the final goal
of using them as a base to create intelligent computer applications.
My current research aims at developing data access methods for answering
qualitative spatial queries within Geographic Information Systems.


Artificial Intelligence
Geographic Information Systems
Volunteered Geographic Information
Disaster Management
Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning

Ph.D. Project

My main research interests encompass geographic information systems,
spatial data access methods, spatial data integration and matching,
spatial representation and reasoning, and cognitive robotics.
Currently my research focuses on developing novel representation
and reasoning methods for (geo)spatial information. I am investigating
how to adapt and extend existing spatial access methods to manage qualitative information.
My final objective is to develop efficient algorithms and data structures to
solve qualitative spatial configuration queries; to reach such a goal, I intend
to apply Qualitative Spatial Reasoning techniques to existing data structures.

Research Projects

IRTG - SIGI: International Research Training Group - Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information

Events Organized

Doctoral Colloquium at GIScience 2010