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Rami Al Salman

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Function Doctoral Student
Office 3.
Phone 64299
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About me

I am employed as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) under GeoCrowd EU-funded project.



Research interests: Qualitative spatial reasoning, spatial databases, machine learning, data mining, and network security.

In my Ph.D. studies I am trying to develop novel techniques,heuristics, and algorithms to speed up answering qualitative spatial queries in large databases.



Teaching assistance for four semesters (2 years) during master studies
• Teaching assistance in Visual programming course CPE-411
• Teaching assistance in Object Oriented Course CPE-311.
• Teaching assistance in Operating System Course CPE-472.
• Teaching assistance in Computer organization and design CourseCPE-252.
• Teaching assistance in Digital logic design Course CPE-231.
• Teaching assistance in Numerical Course.
• Teaching assistance in systems, software design, development, and documentation Course CPE471.
• Teaching assistance in web applications development Course CPE532.
• Teaching assistance in introduction to UNIX NES202.
curriculum vitae


The University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany Ph.D. student - Initial Training Network Geocrowd , 2011 to present. 
M.S. in Computer Engineering, Thesis: Mining Client Side Para-data for Adaptive Web Pages. Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST,Irbid, JORDAN 2088-2011
B.A. degree in Computer Information Systems MINOR IN : Accounting Information System’s June 2008 Focus on ORACLE Database Solutions. Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST,Irbid, JORDAN 2004-2008
C# certificate From consultave center for science & Technology/JUST 11/6/2006 - 19/6/2006
PHP-ZCE certificate From consultave center for science & Technology/JUST 11/6/2006 - 19/6/2006
ORACLE 9i (OCA) certificate From oracle UNIVERSITY 09/2008
PIC MICRO CONTROLLER based on "c language" certificate From consultave center for science & Technology/JUST 19/7/2007 - 28/7/2007

Modern Automotive Fuel Injection, Ignition, Electronic Control System, and Using Scan & Diagnostic Tools. From Automotive Technology Academy (ATA) (2007)  

Fundamentals of Automotive Electricity. From Automotive Technology Academy (ATA) (2007)  

Parallel Computing: Parallel Algorithms using C language based on SESC Simulator and Linux OS [Fedora 9]. Load Sharing Facility (LSF). Level: Intermediate.
C/C++/C# programming languages: Working on C under Linux (IPC, MPI, SHM, etc…), Working on [2005-2008], Level: Advanced.
Data Mining and Web Tools: WEKA, Rapid Miner, Terrier (Information Retrieval tool), Sphider Search Engine. Level: Advanced
Web Design: Working on XHTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/DreamWeaver CS3/Flash CS3 (Action script 3.0). Level: Advanced .
Web Development: Working on CGI-PERL, PHP 5, PHP applications (Joomla, Drupal, OSComerece, Typo3) and ("c#"), And AJAX technology. Level: Advanced.
Database application: Working on oracle database (sql/plsql) and oracle form 10g, Postgres/PostGis 9, and MySQL. Level: Intermediate.
Mobile Development: Working on developing Android applications for smarts phones and tablets.
Microcontroller: Working on PIC Microcontroller PIC 16f877A using C language Level: Intermediate.
Security aspects: Working on many security aspects’s such encryption and decryption’s algorithm’s (DES, AES, etc). Level: Intermediate.