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Cognitive Computing - SoSe 2015

Seminar (ECTS: 4)
Prof. Dr. Mehul Bhatt (
wöchentlich Mi 14:00 - 16:00 CART 3.01
Mi 08.04.15 14:00 - 16:00 CART 3.01
Profile: KIKR, DMI
Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, and Robotics (KIKR – Küstliche Intelligenz, Kognition und Robotik)
Digital Media and Interaction (DMI – Digitale Medien und Informatik)
Human-Centred Cognitive Computing (HC3) aims to systematically develop theories, formal specifications, and computational models that capture human-like cognitive capabilities concerning commonsense reasoning about space, actions, change, and interaction in everyday situations. Human-centred’ness, with its emphasis on knowledge about people and their context, will be at the heart of next-generation collaborative cognitive systems and assistive technologies that empower humans in creative and productive tasks, knowledge discovery and perceptual data analyses, high-level control of autonomous systems etc.
This seminar will focus on the conceptual, theoretical, and applied facets of Cognitive Computing. State of the art literature will be discussed each week, and students will have the opportunity to specialise in one particular application area where the general concepts & theory of cognitive computing can be situated. Application areas include: architecture design cognition, cognitive vision, dynamic geographic information systems, and cognitive robotics.The seminar will also expose students to open research questions.
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