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Commonsense Spatial Reasoning (CSR) - SS 2012

About the Course.

This course will introduce students with formal logic-based methods for integrated representation and reasoning about space, actions, and change. It will prepare the students to apply these methods for solving spatio-temporal reasoning tasks for systems such as cognitive robotics, GIS, spatial puzzles, games, smart environments. Topics that will be convered include:

  1. Commonsense reasoning
  2. Non-Monotonic Reasoning
  3. Reasoning about Actions and Change
  4. Spatial Representation and Reasoning, Spatial Logics
  5. Qualitative Spatial Calculi
  6. Reasoning about Space, Actions, and Change
  7. Collaborative Spatial Reasoning
  8. Applications and Future Perspective for Research, Projects

Summer Semester 2012 (03-ME-711.99c)

ECTS 6; One 2hrs lecture per week. (additional weekly reading assignments and final assignment);

Students have the choice to pick ECTS 4 or ECTS 6.

June 1 - July 31 2012

Lecture timing: Every Thursday, starting June 7 2012 at 16.00hrs - Cartesium. 0.01

First Student Meeting / Course Introduction

Venue: Cartesium. 0.01 (Ground floor)

Time (three possibilities):

            1. Wed 16 May - 10.00hrs

            2. Wed 16 May - 16.00hrs

            3. Thu 17 May - 16.00hrs 

Outside of these times, meet me in person - email:


Dr. Mehul Bhatt, Cognitive Systems Group (CoSy; AG Freksa), University of Bremen

Prof. Paulo E. Santos, IAAA Group, Centro Universitário da FEI, Brazil